Lockdown Haircut III

Well you can only last so long in lockdown without a haircut. The last time my hair was cut, was in mid December by the lovely Katie. It was now early February and my hair was getting distinctly longer, and to the point where I was having to brush my hair behind my ears, something I hate doing. When it gets to that point, you know you need to get your haircut.

Now Jelly, last cut my hair in the spring/summer of 2020, when we were in Lockdown I. I managed to purchase a pair of clippers that doubled as a beard trimmer from Costco online. (in the first lockdown it was very hard to find a pair of clippers as every Tom, Dick and Harry were becoming DIY hairstylists, not through choice, but by necessity.

This time though, things didn’t feel like they were going to plan, but you be the judge of that, check out my video below and see if you think Claire (aka Jelly) did a good job or not.

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

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