Easter comes early

The Chocolate Scotch Egg

A British picnic favourite sweetly reinvented for Easter. Meet the chocolate scotch egg. Milk chocolate maple crunch replaces breadcrumbs. The meat is now a rich milk chocolate caramel ganache, while a zesty mango and yuzu fondant forms the golden yolk at the centre.

Well I know it’s not Easter yet, but we couldn’t wait until then and we were intrigued to find out how this egg compared to the ones sold down the pub as substantial meals.

At £6 a go they are not cheap, and you could get almost 2 packs of heroes for the same price, however it was bloody nice.

We put it in the fridge beforehand to ensure it didn’t break up when we cut into it. The outer chocolate shell was devine and really was crunchy.

The mango fondant inside really does finish it off and it was a great example of a chocolate scotch egg.

You need to try it, but maybe only once at that price. Available from Heston at Waitrose.

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