Arctic Adventure

Thursday 31st March 2022 through to Tuesday 5th April 2022

Hello all,

I’ve revised what we are doing (myself, Claire and Emma), just so you know what our plans are now. I have now booked all the flights and accommodation, all on a refundable basis. You pay a little more, but if you end up getting covid or something stops you from travelling, you should get your money back.

I thought it would be better if I shared all the information I have on the trip here on one page, and then if anyone has any questions, they can raise them here or via the WhatsApp Chat group.


  1. Catch a flight from London Gatwick on the Thursday to Stockholm. There are a number of carriers doing these routes. We will be using Norwegian. You can catch a flight from Gatwick at 09:20am which will arrive in Stockholm-Arlanda at 12:55 (2hrs 35 mins). Depending on the ticket you buy this will set you back from £44.80 to £93.80 for a flex fare. LINK TO NORWEGIAN.
  2. We are then staying at STF af Chapman & Skeppsholmen in Stockholm for 1 night. (for a room for 4 adults this is about £94 for one night) This should give us 1.5 days in Stockholm to view the sights and most importantly visit the ABBA museum.
  3. We will then catch the overnight train from Stockholm to Kiruna. The train leaves at 18:11 and arrives in Kiruna at 09:15 on Saturday morning. If you want to get a refundable ticket and a better sleeping compartment you’re recommended to purchase your ticket through the SJ website, which is the Swedish railway’s website rather than Omio. A private compartment (max 3 people) will cost about £108 per person if you also opt for the refundable fare – worth doing as last time we lost money on this. Or the cheapest option is £81.
  4. On Saturday morning (2nd April), Daniela picks us up for our White Trail Arctic Adventure:
    • Travel with dogs to the wilderness camp
    • Sunday – Daytour dogsled with overnight stay at the wilderness camp
    • Monday – Another overnight stay in the wilderness camp.
    • Tuesday – Depart, either skiing back to the Mushers Lodge or getting picked up by car. Or if you want you can snowmobile back (at an extra cost of 800 SEK per person for 2 hours. – about £70 per person – you’d probably need extra insurance for that too)
  5. On Tuesday 5th April, catch a flight back to Stockholm from Kiruna. Fly with SAS, flight departs at 14:00, arrives in Stockholm at 15:30. Cost of flight between £97.10- £148.00 for a SAS PLUS PRO ticket (I’ve opted for this as it is refundable).
  6. Catch a flight from Stockholm to Gatwick with Norwegian leaves at 17:25, arrives back at Gatwick at 19:15 (duration 2hrs 50 mins) cost up to £85.90 for a fully refundable Flex fare.

So for those of you wondering how much this trip is going to cost in total it is:

Predicted Total Costs:
Flight to Stockholm: £       93.80
Overnight Stay in Stockholm £     94.00 (based on 4 sharing)
Overnight train to Kiruna £     108.00
White Trail Adventures £     564.56 
Flight to Stockholm: £     148.00
Flight to Gatwick: £       85.90
Car park at Gatwick £       74.00 
Total: £  1,168.26
A rough indication of costs. *subject to exchange rates and price fluctuations (prices correct as at 01/01/2022)

The maximum number of people we can have on the trip is 12, otherwise there are not enough dogs. We currently have the following confirmed, which makes our 12:

Graham PowellClaire PowellEmma Hague
Carl JacksonZoe KingAndy Crook (aka Brian)
Gerry OxfordJulesRichard
Carl ChallengerJo James

Below is a rough idea of timings To and From:

Arrive at Gatwick at 07:20Leave Kiruna at 14:00
Catch flight to Stockholm at 09:20Arrive in Stockholm at 15:30
Stay overnight in Stockholm (Thurs)Leave Stockholm at 17:25
Catch overnight train on Fri at 18:11 and arrive in Kiruna at 09:15 on 2/4/2022Arrive at Gatwick 19:15


The likelihood is that you will need to be double jabbed in order to enter Sweden, and your 2nd jab must have been at least 14 days before travel, so if you are not vaccinated against Covid then you are unlikely to be able to travel. For latest guidance visit the UK government website link for SWEDEN here.

See what the tour is going to entail.

If you want to get in touch with me about the trip, please fill in the form below, or Chat on WhatsApp.

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