My Dad – John Powell

Thank you to everyone who attended my Fathers funeral on 21st April 2023. It was a lovely day, and very much a family affair.

My Uncle David conducted the service at Guildford Crematorium, my cousin Mervyn read the scripture at the service, and I provided the video montage to remember him.

The service held at Farnham Baptist Church in the afternoon was very well attended, in fact I was quite overwhelmed by the number in attendance. You never know with funerals who is going to turn up.

Auntie Olive played the piano, and my cousin Matthew played the Viola as people entered the church, with my video playing in the background. During the service the family got the opportunity to share their memories of a husband, brother and father. Auntie Joy also read the scripture during the service.

My dad touched many peoples lives through his Christian work and so many people had fond memories of him. A few of his old work colleagues from Brown & Root were in attendance too, and commented that Dad never lost his cool and never even swore at work, even though they tried to make him. But that was my dad, he never swore in his life, and that was instilled in us as kids. We never had the nerve to swear at our parents. I find it hard to hear how kids today do not respect their elders, I would never have the nerve to do what todays generation get up to.

It was also lovely to see members of Farnham Baptist Church past and present in attendance. I hadn’t been to the church other than the occasional Christmas Day service for many years. You still recognised the faces even though some of them I hadn’t seen for some 35 years or so.

It was great to see Doug Plummer there too, who was one of dads oldest friends. I’m just sorry I didn’t get to catch up with you after the service.

Today though I felt proud, proud to be the son of a man who was well respected by those he came into contact with. Dad you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten and I will love you for eternity. I will make sure I look after mum, Rachel and Emma in your absence as you requested in your letter to me.

I love you Dad, and I am the person I have become today because of YOU. xxxxxxx

Farnham Baptist Church Service Link.

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