Christmas at the Powell’s

Merry Christmas One and All, and welcome to the Christmas Pages of the Powell’s aka The Jelly’s.

Hot off the press for 2020 is our Christmas Newsletter, copies of this newsletter will be winging its way to you if you are lucky to still be on our Christmas Card list. It gets more and more expensive to do Christmas cards but after this horrendous year, I will be making the effort to send them out again.

I have now uploaded this years Christmas Light Extravaganza to YouTube for you all to enjoy now, hopefully without it being muted for copyright reasons.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas

The Powell’s Christmas Light Extravaganza 2020


Many years ago the local radio station also came and switched on our Christmas Lights (this was in my previous life – LBJ (Life Before Jelly). 96.4 The Eagle came along and Kim Robson switched the lights on live on air during the evening drive time show. Unfortunately, Eagle Radio is no more as was swallowed up by another station earlier this year. Enjoy.

Dodgy footage of our lights being switched on by the local radio station in 2009