Day 5 Low Sugar Diet Update

It is now day five of the low sugar diet, and even now we are starting to see results, well at least I am!

Although this has only been five days, I have already lost 4 kg, That equates to 8.8lb or 0.6 stone.

Get in there
What a difference a week makes!

I can’t say it has been easy, as some days it has been particularly hard. I think the first day was the worst, not helped by me cycling 35 miles on low carbs and low sugar resulting in zero energy.

I’ve also had headaches in the week, Probably caused due to the lack of sugar one of the  withdrawal symptoms, however as the week has progressed these appear to have got better.

This new diet would not be success success without the hard work of my jelly(Claire), She has been cooking almost every day making something good for us to eat which if we had bought from the supermarket could’ve been bad.

Breakfast this week has consisted of two egg muffins, made up of eggs, butternut squash, bacon and herbs.

Breakfast every day – an Egg Muffin

Lunch has consisted of my usual salad which includes chicken, avocado, salad leaves, olives, beetroot, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.  On the days that I have had college, This has been followed by a fruit salad made up of chopped mango, Raspberries and full fat cream.

Dinner- Chilli Con Carne

This week, we’ve had two meals that have been eaten over a number of days. The first meal made by Claire was chilli con carne, However probably not made the way you normally make it.   Rather than using beef mince, we used turkey mince as Claire is not keen on too much red meat, And rather than having Rice, We have replaced this with cauliflower rice another healthy substitute.

The second meal made this week was a chicken curry and, again with cauliflower rice.  And in the middle of this week there was also a trip to Rachel’s for dinner, which was fish with salad and courgettie, a courgette made to look like noodles.

All I have drunk this week is water and milk, oh and gin and tonic on Friday night!

So basically, my weight loss this week has been down to leaving out wheat,sugar, and processed foods, and during this whole time, I haven’t really been tempted to have any chocolate.

I know when you first start a diet, you lose loads to begin with, then it tails off, but I’m hoping I can continue this and meet my goal by the time our holiday comes round.

The video that changed our diet habits

I would strongly recommend that anyone wanting to lose weight, but not necessarily reducing the amount they eat to watch the film “That Sugar Film” #thatsugarfilm.   This has been the film that opened my eyes into how unhealthy some healthy foods actually are.

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